WATCH: Hank Henshaw's "Supergirl" Secret Revealed

Last night's "Supergirl" not only explored what it was like for Kara Zor-El [Melissa Benoist] to truly live as Kara Danvers for the first time, as the title character found herself without her superpowers while disaster struck National City. It also revealed that there is more than two super-powered do-gooders from another planet residing on Earth alongside Supergirl and her cousin.

"Supergirl" Recap: High Highs, Low Lows and Hank Henshaw

Hank Henshaw [David Harewood], whose secret had been teased from the first episode of the CBS drama, finally revealed his true colors -- and they're green and red. . In DC Comics lore, Hank Henshaw is the name of the villainous Cyborg Superman, but that was apparently a red herring, here. Swearing Kara's sister Alex [Chyler Leigh] to secrecy, Henshaw revealed himself as J'onn J'onzz, the sole survivor of Mars. Best known as the Martian Manhunter, J'onzz is a shapeshifter with super-strength, the ability to fly and Martian Vision. Though his stories have mainly unfolded in the pages of the comics, where he's currently starring in a solo series, he did feature as a core member of the Justice League for a number of years on several Cartoon Network animated series.

Following the episode's West Coast debut, CBS released Henshaw/J'onzz's full revelation scene online, along with several other clips from the episode, "Human for a Day."

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