WATCH: "Gotham's" Ben McKenzie Tries on a Commissioner Gordon Mustache

It may be a while before Ben McKenzie's Jim Gordon is ready to assume the mantle of police commissioner, but last night the "Gotham" star tried on one of the character's other signature elements on for size: the mustache.

The actor appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where the host pointed out that in the DC comics, Gordon has facial hair. "He's also ... more full-figured," McKenzie replied. "I'm not there yet, Jimmy."

Kimmel couldn't offer McKenzie any help with his figure, but he did have a handy selection of fake mustaches for him to try. While none really screamed "Commissioner Gordon" -- one resembled Salvador Dali's while another was just ... unfortunate -- McKenzie settled on one that might do the trick, in a pinch.

"Gotham" returns Monday, Feb. 29, on Fox.

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