WATCH: Go Inside Nolan's "Dark Knight" Trilogy With Making Of Documentary

Starting with "Batman Begins" in 2005, Christopher Nolan's dramatic and grounded take on the Dark Knight redefined superhero films for the 21st century. That 2005 film kicked off a groundbreaking trilogy of Batman films, which also includes 2008's "The Dark Knight" and 2012's "The Dark Knight Rises," that earned acclaim from critics, won numerous awards and dominated the box office. Together, all three films grossed close to $2.5 billion dollars; the latter two installments still sit in the top ten of the domestic list of highest-grossing movies of all time. Originally released in 2013 on the "Ultimate Collector's Edition" Blu-ray box set, the feature-length "Fire Rises" documentary follows the creation of Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy, and is now available to watch online.

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