WATCH: Get to Know the 'Ghostbusters' Leads in New Character Featurettes

Just in time for "Ghostbusters Day" -- and the appearance of both the new and old "Ghostbusters" casts on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" -- Sony Pictures has released four new character featurettes that spotlight the reboot's four leads, played by Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

The vignettes introduce particle scientist Dr. Erin Gilbert (Wiig), paranormal scientist Dr. Abby Yates (McCarthy), nuclear engineer Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (McKinnon) and MTA worker-turned-Ghostbuster Patty Tolan (Jones). In addition to providing context for the characters, the featurettes include some new footage with several comedic actors, including Ed Begley Jr. ("Pineapple Express"), Steve Higgins ("Saturday Night Live") and Chris Gethard ("Broad City"), among many others.

Additionally in "Ghostbusters Day" news, McCarthy shared the photo of both casts before the taping for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!":

Happy #GhostbustersDay!! pic.twitter.com/UzJVjSt5Iw

— Melissa McCarthy (@melissamccarthy) June 8, 2016

Directed by Paul Feig, "Ghostbusters" hits theaters on July 15.

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