WATCH: 'Futurama's' Hypnotoad brought to life for fan film

The star of "Futurama's" "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad" has been brought to life, courtesy of Frank Ippolito of "Adam Savage's Tested."

Ippolito, who built Professor Farnsworth and Zoidberg for Dan Lanigan's creepily accurate live-action fan film, "Fan-o-Rama," was also tasked with the construction of a life-like, Hypnotoad. Going for "more of a toad than a cartoon" look, Ippolito brought in legendary effects man, Brian Wade ("The Thing," "The Terminator") to help sculpt the toad-like creature.

The process began with the eyes. Lanigan's first thought was to go stop-animation for Hypnotoad's psychedelic eyes. Instead, Ippolito suggested another route. "Let's throw OLED lens in here and actually animate the eyes." Ippolito sought out the tiny, programmable OLED screens and animated the toad's hypnotizing peepers. Wade then came in and sculpted the rest of Hypnotoad to the scale of his eyes.

With that problem solved, the next hurdle was bringing it all together. Comprised of a silicon skin on top of a roto-casted, hollowed out core, Technotoad is loaded with mechanical and electronic wizardry to bring him to life; mechanisms inside the core allow for his head to move, while an air tube running outside the body allows compressed air to be forced back inside a bladder to give the impression Hypnotoad is alive and kicking. The figure was finally topped off with a coating of thin-downed caulking and color pigments, to give Hypnotoad an especially nice, slimey look.

You can check out Hypnotoad, and the rest of the Futurama cast, in the live-action "Fan-o-Rama."

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