WATCH: Funke-tastic Four Come Alive In "FF"/"Arrested Development" Mash-Up

So things didn't really go as planned for Fox's reboot of "Fantastic Four." The film failed to open at #1 and could end up costing 20th Century Fox a hefty chunk of change. But look on the bright side -- at least TV Junkie got some footage for the "Fantastic Four"/"Arrested Development" mash-up trailer we didn't even know we needed!

The clip takes the voiceover and some mood-setting imagery from initial "FF" trailers and slices in footage from Netflix's fourth season of "Arrested Develoment," which saw Tobias Funke (David Cross) trying to mount a musical production starring the FF. At the very least, this mash-up trailer makes us wonder how much better Josh Trank's sci-fi superhero film would be if it starred Martin Short, David Cross, Maria Bamford, Liza Minnelli and an ostrich.

"Fantastic Four" is in theaters now.

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