Watch Footage From The Animated <i>Firebreather</i>

Yet another teaser has made its way from Comic-Con International to the Internet. This time it's footage from Cartoon Network's CG-animated film adaptation of Firebreather, the Image Comics series created by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.

Debuting as a miniseries in 2003, Firebreather centers on Duncan Rosenblatt, a typical, awkward teenager -- except that his father is a 300-foot firebreathing dragon who wants him to inherit the throne of King of Monsters.

Peter Chung (Aeon Flux) is directing the movie, which is set to air on Cartoon Network ... I don't know, sometime this season. Julia Pistor (Lemony Snicket) is executive producer, and Hester and Kuhn co-executive producers. James Kreig (Ben 10: Alien Force) is the writer.

(via Comics Alliance, Comics Continuum)

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