Watch: Exclusive First Look at Norman Reedus on DreamWorks' 'Turbo FAST'

Norman Reedus has moved from battling walkers on "The Walking Dead" to terrorizing a town on the third season of DreamWorks Animation's comedy adventure "Turbo FAST," which arrives Friday on Netflix.

SPINOFF has the exclusive first look at Reedus as Wild Pete, leader of the "roughest, toughest jitterbug posse west of the 5," blows into town, looking for the new sheriff.

In Season 3 of the television follow-up to the 2013 film, Turbo and the crew quit racing  on the track when they become obsessed with a fantasy fracing league, compete in a bobsled race against a Jamaican chicken team, and let a reality show wreak havoc. They face hard-partying toilet fronts, a gang of outlaw crickets, truck-robbing cargo bandits, a perfect poodle moth and more.

In addition to Reedus, the third season features guest stars Ron Perlman, Rachael Macfarlane, Chris Hardwick and Jessica Walters.

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