WATCH: Entire Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary SDCC Panel

Did you miss out on Comic-Con International in San Diego this past weekend? Or, were you there but unable to catch the Wonder Woman 75th anniversary panel? Well, thanks to DC Entertainment, you can see the panel now, in it's entirety.

Moderated by Tiffany Smith, the panelist included current "Wonder Woman" artist Nicola Scott, DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, director of the upcoming "Wonder Woman" feature film Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

The panel covered a wide range of topics starting with Wonder Woman's comic book debut in December 1941. Jim Lee and Nicola Scott recounted the tale of Wonder Woman's creation; how publisher Max Gaines, looking to create a patriotic new hero, passed the idea to William Moulton Marston (then the educational consultant for the two companies that would soon combine to form DC Comics). Marston, who presented the idea to his wife, suggested that the hero be female. From those small beginnings came the path that would set Wonder Woman out to be the cultural icon she is today.

Jim Lee spent some time discussing Wonder Woman through the subsequent decades, including the period in the '60s when she lost her powers to emulate the popular TV serial "The Avengers" that starred Emma Peel. Lee talked at length about George Perez's run on "Wonder Woman" through the '80s as having "a profound effect on me." Nikola Scott brought the discussion to current times with "Rebirth," describing the current series as "peeling back all the layers of Wonder Woman to find out who she really is."

Jim Lee was later asked what he thought were the essential readings for anyone interested in Wonder Woman. He suggested that fans check out Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette's "Wonder Woman: Earth One" and "Wonder Woman: The True Amazon" coming from Jill Thompson this September.

You can watch the entire panel for yourself below, and revisit CBR's live coverage here.

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