Watch Disney vet Glen Keane draw Ariel, the Beast in virtual reality

In his nearly four decades at Disney, animator Glen Keane worked on films ranging from The Rescuers to The Little Mermaid to Aladdin. Although he left the studio three years ago, the love has for those characters is still evident, and infectious.

The 61-year-old Keane, the son of Family Circus creator Bil Keane, doesn't appear to have slowed down, and continues to explore new ways to create art. In a new promotional video produced for the Future of Storytelling festival, he embraces virtual reality, using the technology to overcome the limitations of the page.

"Today all the rules have changed," he says in the video. "By putting tools in your hand that can create in virtual reality, I can put goggles on and I just step into the paper and now I'm drawing in it." And he does just that, creating Ariel and the Beast with a gusto.

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