WATCH: DC and Marvel Heroes Clash in This High-Octane Mash-Up

The age-old debate over which superhero would win in a fight is set into motion -- although never actually answered -- in this fast-paced Marvel vs. DC mashup from Screen Rant.

Drawing footage and dialogue from a wide range of sources -- from the "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" Comic-Con trailers to "Deadpool" and "The Avengers -- not to mention some shrewd editing, the video gives us glimpses of showdowns between Superman and the Incredible Hulk, Batman and Iron Man, Green Arrow and Hawkeye, and more.

However, the video explores more than the predictable mash-ups; throwing in a handful of surprises including the X-Men vs. The Flash, Harley Quinn vs. Deadpool and Supergirl vs. Doctor Strange.

Oh, there's also the smartly modified Hulkbuster armor ...

Check out the video below.

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