WATCH: Cruise Rescues Smulders in First 'Jack Reacher' Sequel Footage

"How I Met Your Mother" and "Avengers" star Cobie Smulders has teamed up with Tom Cruise for the second installment of the "Jack Reacher" franchise, "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back."

Smulders' debuted the footage on Entertainment Tonight saying that "It's not a spy film. We don't have tools, except this and this." She held up her fists as she said that last part. The footage showed Cruise reprising his role as series' lead Reacher, who risks his life to rescue and prove the innocence of Smulders' character.

In the first "Jack Reacher" film it was Reacher who had to prove his own innocence, which he successfully did, with the help of "Gone Girl's" Rosamund Pike.

Check out the footage and Smulders' introduction in the video below:

The first "Jack Reacher" earned $218 million at the global box office. "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" is opens in theaters October 21.

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