Watch Chris Hemsworth race Jimmy Fallon in a sleigh scooter

Sure, Thor star Chris Hemsworth can lift Mjolnir, but when it comes to winning a sleigh scooter race, he may not be worthy.

Appearing last night on The Tonight Show to promote his new film In the Heart of the Sea, the actor was enlisted for a race against host Jimmy Fallon through the halls of 30 Rock, with the Hemsworth Cup at stake (hold your "Hemsworth cup" jokes, please).

However, it wasn't just any race: It was a Christmas-themed challenge on one-of-a-kind mobility scooters festively decked out to look like sleighs. And the course? Out of the Tonight Show studio, past Santa, around a Christmas tree, past the shirtless "Ghost of Hemsworth Past," through an indoor blizzard, and then back into the studio.

Alas, the race doesn't go well for the Thor star, who probably could've used some help from all-seeing Heimdall in identifying the course route.

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