Watch Chip Kidd talk about book design and, naturally, Batman

There's a nice, if too-short, video interview with graphic designer, author and comics writer Chip Kidd conducted last month at AGI Open London and which he discusses book-jacket design -- he's behind those for Jurassic Park, The Secret History and Black Hole, among countless others -- and, yes, his lifelong obsession with Batman (first documented in 1996's Batman Collected).

Of course, Kidd isn't merely a fan of the Dark Knight: He teamed with artist Dave Taylor on the 2012 graphic novel Batman: Death by Design.

"I've written a Batman graphic novel. That's a completely different thing," Kidd says in the video. "That's the most fun, because you're adding to the legacy of the character, and it's challenging because after 75 years, it's like, what do you do that hasn't been done, or that you feel you haven't seen."

(via The Casual Optimist)

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