WATCH: China's 'League of Gods' Trailer Has the Butt-Kicking Baby You've Dreamed Of

China's fantasy-based hero drama "League of Gods" just released it's first full-length trailer. Not only does it feature a spectacle of colors and effects, it also introduces a side-kick baby -- something every hero needs in his life.

According to Deadline, the film will be released in the States on July 29th and features an all-star cast that includes Jet Li ("The Expendables") and Fan Bingbing ("X-Men: Days of Future Past.") "League of Gods" draws inspiration from the 16th-century Chinese novel "Feng Shen Yan Yi" which translates to "The Investiture of the Gods."

When a vixen spirit bewitches King Zhou of Shang he becomes a tyrant, which creates an opporunity for a league of young heroes to arise. "League of the Gods" is directed by Koan Hui and Vernie Yeung.

"League of Gods" opens in theaters July 29th.

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