WATCH: Black Panther, Ant-Man Join "Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds"

the Disney Infinity 3.0 world gets bigger with the introduction of the all-new Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set. The launch trailer for the game offers a look at what players can expect when Ant-Man, Black Panther and Vision join their Avengers teammates in the battle against Marvel's greatest villains.

The game, available March 15, brings with it an all-new storyline, characters and four-player arcade-style gameplay. It will be fully compatible with all of the "Disney Infinity" Marvel figures, and offer players access to the largest cast of characters of any "Infinity" game to date, including Captain America, the First Avenger, a version of the character with a new outfit and abilities, and a number of "Captain America: Civil War" inspired costume updates.

Evil forces scheme for world conquest as they pit Marvel's greatest Super Heroes against each other! It's an all out brawl in Marvel Battlegrounds! Battle up to 3 opponents in the arena with 4-person local multiplayer. Customize your game with up to six Round Marvel Power Discs per match. Select Super Heroes and Villains from your ENTIRE collection of Marvel characters in Disney Infinity.

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