Watch Batman, Iron Man Action Figures Clash in Impressive Stop-Motion Movies

Everyone knows action figures can't talk, but they can fight, right?

They certainly can in massive series of stop motion animated videos from Losman Productions, which show toy versions of beloved superheroes feuding around the house enough to make Woody and Buzz proud. Much like "Toy Story," these action figures come to know themselves to be toys, but that doesn't stop them from having petty rivalries and tearing up the place when their owners are out of the house.

Directed by Lawrence Osman, the videos comprise a long, connected narrative broken into different series -- each following the travails of a different plastic hero. Spider-Man was the first to get the Losman treatment with an adventure in 2013, but from there the series (and quality) has progressed, with new heroes and villains getting in on the action. Other than the Spider-Man series, there is an Iron Man one (which launches with one model of Iron Man taking up arm[or]s against another) and a recently launched Batman series, which begins with the hyper-articulated Dark Knight going for a Batcycle joyride before crossing paths with the Joker and Harley Quinn.

There's no dialogue in the mini films, but there's plenty of personality. In the most recent video, released late in July, the many characters come together to stage their own version of a domestic Civil War.

The movies have drawn a ton of eyes, with the first Iron Man v. Iron Man adventure seeing nearly 30 million views. Watch the video, which sets the stage for the Losman-universe's mythos, below.

The YouTube channel also features a ton of How-To videos that teach the techniques behind their stop-motion magic.

What do you think of Osman's interpretations of these beloved characters, and the world he's built for them? Sound off in the comments.

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