WATCH: "Avengers" Gets the "Watchmen" Opening Credits Treatment

For a lot of viewers, one of the most memorable aspects of Zack Snyder's 2009 adaptation of "Watchmen" was the incredibly detailed title sequence, remembered fondly for the way it delivered complex information about the film's characters and their histories' in roughly the span of a music video. Now, a similar, sequence has been crafted by a fan for Marvel's "Avengers" franchise.

The video applies many of the tropes from the "Watchmen" sequence -- desaturated imagery, slow-motion walking, scenes of stark violence, overlaid radio and television chatter -- to scenes pulled from various films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Much like the video's "Watchmen" progenitor, the sequence is set to Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'."

The video was uploaded to Vimeo yesterday by Yellow Shots Mash-Ups, a YouTube user who mainly creates complex LEGO stop-motion animations. The video's description says the title sequence was actually created some time ago, but not uploaded to YouTube due to copyright concerns.

Check out the fan-made "Watchmen"-style "Avengers" title sequence below:

Avengers Title Sequence (Watchmen Style) from Yellow Shots Mash-Ups on Vimeo.

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