WATCH: "Arrow" Star Stephen Amell Tussles with Stardust on "WWE Raw"

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell has taken his love for professional wrestling to the next level. After a previous face-to-face encounter with WWE star Stardust this past May on "WWE Raw," and weeks of taunts back and forth on social media, Amell appeared as a special guest on Monday's edition of WWE's weekly flagship program -- and quickly found himself in the ring with Stardust, the colorfully over-the-top "heel" (wrestling parlance for bad guy) formerly known as Cody Rhodes.

Only gifs were available shortly after the incident, but WWE has since released video of the segment, showing Amell's notable agility in jumping the guardrail and leaping into the ring:

Now, normally when someone leaves the audience to get inside of a WWE ring, it results in quick expulsion from security. Luckily for Amell, what he got out of it was a tag team match at WWE's high-profile SummerSlam event, with the "Arrow" star teaming with Neville (a high-flyer frequently likened to a superhero who wears a cape to the ring) against Stardust and his new ally in villainy, "King" Wade Barrett.

Amell is hardly the first celebrity to get physically involved inside a pro wrestling ring -- performers from Lawrence Taylor to Snooki to Jay Leno all have matches in their past. Yet given Amell's known penchant for conditioning and training (have you seen his parkour-inspired workout videos?), he may be the most impressive non-wrestler yet.

"WWE SummerSlam" takes place Aug. 23 at the Barclay Center on Brooklyn, available on the WWE Network and pay-per-view. "Arrow" returns with its season four premiere Oct. 7 on The CW.

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