WATCH: 'Arrival' Teaser Gives First Look at Alien Tech

It might seem evident from the film's title, but something is definitely coming in the first teaser for "Arrival" -- we just don't know what yet. Based on Ted Chiang's Nebula and Sturgeon-winning short story, "Story of Your Life," the upcoming film adaptation from Paramount Pictures stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

In the story, a linguist is invited by the U.S. military to try and interpret the non-linear language of aliens who have recently made contact, in the hopes of unlocking the secrets of their technology. As her job progresses, she finds the alien's language affecting her views on time, physics and her life with her daughter. Judging from this first look at director Denis Villeneuve's adaptation, the film may not take the same deep dive into linguistics and parenting that the original short story did. Instead, "Arrival" seems to focus on war and the military-industrial complex. However, it's also possible that watching humans and aliens go back and forth over sentence structure doesn’t make for an exciting one-minute trailer, so they've saved that footage for later.

Villeneuve is also responsible for next year's "Blade Runner" sequel. The screenplay for "Arrival" is by Eric Heisserer, who recently wrote the horror hit "Lights Out" and will return for the recently confirmed sequel.

"Arrival" hits theaters on November 11, 2016.

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