WATCH: All the 'Ant-Man' Blu-ray Featurettes and Deleted Scenes Released Online

The "Ant-Man" Blu-ray doesn't hit retail shelves until Dec. 8, but CBR has compiled all of the Blu-ray featurettes and deleted scenes released online in one giant list for anyone who doesn't want to wait.

Some of the bonus features include interviews with Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas, others explore deleted scenes with Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie. One deleted scene even features a reference to the Mandarin's notorious 10 Rings.

Check out all of the Blu-ray extras below:

Ant-Man vs Falcon Fight: Anthony Mackie describes how he was brought onto the film to connect "Ant-Man" to "The Avengers":

The Macroverse Explained: Kevin Feige and Peyton Reed dive into the creative process of filming in very small spaces:

Cable Repair Guy Deleted Scene: Scott Lang originally scopes out the Pym estate by disguising himself as a cable repairman:

Training with Hope: Evangeline Lilly shares her experiences training with Paull Rudd for the Muay Thai fighting scene:

Futures Lab Deleted Scene: Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) demonstrates the benefits of shrinking large shipping containers and waste:

Michael Douglas Featurette: The cast shares their thoughts on working with the legendary Michael Douglas:

Scott and Cassie Deleted Scene: Scott Lang and his daughter share a sweet moment at her birthday party:

"Wish Fulfillment" Deleted Scene: Scott uses his the Ant-Man suit to help his friends win at gambling, partying ensues:

"Ant-Man" will be available on Blu-ray on Dec. 8.

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