Watch a jeweler craft a solid gold Han Solo LEGO minifigure

If Han Solo can survive carbon freezing with only temporary side effects, surely the ol' scoundrel can endure being turned into solid gold. Right?

JerryRigEverything puts that to the test with a LEGO Star Wars minifigure, under Darth Vader's watchful eye, of course. In the video below, the jeweler shows how he encased the tiny Corellian pilot in plaster, in a scene reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back, then vaporized the figure in a 2,000-degree furnace.  Luckily, that last part never occurred to the Sith Lord or Jabba the Hutt.

What remained was a ghostly mold in which he poured molten gold, creating a 14-karat Captain Solo. There's even a charming little tale to accompany the process.

(via Sploid)

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