Watch 8-Bit "Batman v Superman" Adaptation in All its Simplistic Glory

Critics of Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" canned the film as a barely linear collection of action set pieces whose stakes and melodrama were undercut by threadbare story logic -- in short, dismissing it as a video game -- but some enterprising graphic artists have turned the movie's simplicity it into an asset by adapting its major scenes in the fashion of a throwback, 8-bit video game.

Boiled down to the movie's essential moments, the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" 8-bit adaptation playthrough video from BitCine gets right to the best parts of the DC throwdown's story -- the fights -- which translate perhaps not altogether unsurprisingly well into a gloriously simple button-masher that hearkens to gaming options of the late '80s and early '90s. With character models and movement that evoke the "Megaman" franchise, among others, the 4:14 video reminds fans of their favorite "Batman v Superman" moments.

Check it out below.

Relive the largely unexplained "Knightmare," re-learn whether Kryptonians have cause to fear hemophilia, wonder once more whether Wonder Woman went underutilized, and decide for yourself which format presented a better-looking Doomsday.

While "Batman v Superman" may have had its critics, BitCine reminds what had fans most excited about the film, and in what ways it delivered. And it presents one thing that can't be argued -- a tribute that gets right everything you could want from a late '80s-style video game adaptation of a 2016 super hero event.

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