Washed-up heroes get another shot in 'Lark and Eagle'

Lark and Eagle are two down-on-their-luck heroes just looking for a break -- and they find one in Hero Overhaul, a TV reality show that upgrades their powers and spruces up their public images. Now they have an opportunity to redeem themselves for a prime-time audience.

That's the premise of Lark and Eagle, the superhero comic created and written by Steve Johnson, who's launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the first issue a reality. He's joined by Toro Diego (pencils), Mickey Clausen (inks), Matt Webb (colors), Ed Dukeshire (letters) and J.K. Woodward (cover).

It's Johnson's second attempt to Kickstart the project, but this time he appears more likely to succeed: Barely out of the gates Lark and Eagle has already raised $1,145 of its $3,200 goal. Pledge incentives include prints, tote bags, commissions, T-shirts and cameo appearances. The campaign ends Aug. 2.

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