Was Martin Freeman's "Civil War" Role "Revealed" in "Age of Ultron"?

Since being cast last month, Marvel has kept Martin Freeman's role in "Captain America: Civil War" a secret, leading to much speculation about how the "Hobbit" and "Sherlock" star will fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, Latino Review claims that an undisclosed sources has filled them in on Freeman's role -- and it's one that we've already heard mention of in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

It was previously thought that Freeman may play an interrogator character that would eventually cross over in to the "Black Panther" film, but this new unconfirmed report has him playing a character with much higher status. According to Latino Review, they've heard a rumor that Freeman will play Edward Chase, the Prime Minister of England. He will reportedly get involved after a mission involving Captain America and British soldiers goes wrong and will be one of the key figures putting pressure on Iron Man and the government to pass the hero-controlling law that sparks the titular civil war.

Additionally, LR thinks that Freeman's character may have gotten a shout out in the Ulysses Klaue scene in "Age of Ultron." Apparently, right before Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch shows up, Andy Serkis' Klaue says, "Now, Minister, where were we?"

Marvel has yet to give any official information Martin Freeman's role, but we'll definitely know what it is when "Captain America: Civil War" opens on

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