Warwick Johnson Cadwell on his 'Game of Thrones' Mondo art

It's week two of the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, and ROBOT 6 favorite Warwick Johnson Cadwell is being featured in Mondo's Game of Thrones gallery show (Arrested Motion has some great images from the show on its blog). This is the latest prestigious gig in WJC's long march to stardom,  following his appointment last year as the new Tank Girl artist.  We caught up with Warwick, who provided us with a series of drawings taking us through his process as he worked up his commission from the design house.

Warwick began by drawing both his favorite characters from the multi-award winning HBO fantasy drama: "I did  Samwell first: it was sketched out, then lightboxed with a variety of brush pens (fancy, knackered, cheap and drying out)."

"I wanted to do Samwell as he's left at the end of the last episode, but then decided I'd try out The Hound."

"Sent both to the guys (Mondo and HBO), and they decided they wanted The Hound. It went as an original, so black and white, ink on Bristol board, but I had a go at coloring him, too. Digitally, as I prefer so far."

I remember a while back Warwick professing his surprise on Twitter when he realized The Hound, under that layer of prosthetic scarring, was being played by Rory McCann, beloved by the geek community for his portrayal of the giant Michael "Yarp" Armstrong in Hot Fuzz. WJC clearly has a lot of time for McCann's conflicted portrayal of the brutal House Lannister guardsman.

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