Warren Ellis to retire from comics?

In a conversation with Rich Johnston in his Waiting for Tommy Column, Warren Ellis gave some details and surprising answers to some of the questions Rich posed.

First up were some details on two news series, "Jack Cross" and "Ocean." Warren shared the following about "Ocean," coming from Wildstorm with artist Chris Sprouse.

"It's a big splashy sf thing about a United Nations weapons inspector, frozen weapons floating under the ice of the ocean moon Europa, and the true history of the human species in the solar system. It was fun to write."

And for the man who has reinvented himself numerous times in the comics field and always looks to push the boundaries of what the medium can deliver, what's next? Possibly retirement.

"The American medium still hasn't moved to the point where it's prepared to pay for original affordable graphic novels. Right now, it feels like 2004 will be my last very active year in American comics."

Warren continued, "At this stage, re-invention really means either going back and becoming a corporate agent again, producing work in the only genre the remaining stores seem to support and probably placing close to the top of the mid-list -- or going and finding something else to do. As several of my friends have pointed out to me more than once, going back to superhero comics would make me a lot of short-term money and boost my visibility massively. None of which is necessarily a bad thing. But right now (and this could change tomorrow, I don't know) I feel like going the other way, finding something else to do and taking myself out of the game completely. Partly, I think, that's due to some recent events that I don't really feel like talking about right now. But yeah: it feels like time to go."

For the full text of the interview, click over to today's Waiting for Tommy and for more Rich, return next Monday for the latest installment of Lying In The Gutters here at CBR.

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