Warren Ellis Teases New Projects, Sets Date For "Injection," Joins "Captain Marvel"

Warren Ellis' Image Comics series "Injection" -- his re-teaming with "Moon Knight" artists Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire -- will arrive on May 13, but it isn't the only new comics project from the writer set for 2015.

Today in his weekly newsletter, Ellis spread word of a dedicated Tumblr for the series while also teasing a number of new projects in comics and TV that may be coming to fruition sometime in the near future. Specifics still being touch and go, the writer had to address these new projects via codename.

"PROJECT BERLIN, for instance, is an unannounced TV project, that I expect will go public in the next month, while I'm still picking through the outline for the thing," he wrote of the latest from his "blind deal" with comics-heavy studio Universal Cable Productions. "A blind deal means that we agree that they will pay me to write a script for them that we will decide on after the deal is done. It's driving me a little bit mad because there is a very specific alternate-history element I created and placed at the centre of the thing, and I thought I was very clever for about three minutes, until I realised how much new research I'd have to do in order to make it even slightly persuasive."

On the comics front, Ellis has a new series in the works with his "Supreme: Blue Rose" artist Tula Lotay. "It will be announced, I am told, this summer," he said. "This thing, I'm going to have to write all in one go. I may even break a habit and write it in rough form in longhand first. I have a ruled Field Notes notebook with wooden covers that may be the exact book to write it in. It's a very foresty, wildernessy kind of story. It was written specifically for Tula, and it gives me some pleasure to write her a story with three female leads, set in whatever bleak and blasted territory exists in the lands beyond Watford Gap, where she scratches an existence from the barren dirt with bits of deer horn. (These are English north/south jokes.) This being us, it may just devolve into a discussion about Tarkovsky and Popul Vuh, just as 'Supreme: Blue Rose' was really just a conversation between me and she about David Lynch and Tangerine Dream."

The writer also confirmed that he'll be co-writing issues #12 and 13 of Marvel's "Captain Marvel" with Kelly Sue DeConnick which she previously announced in a CBR interview. Ellis described their story as "a big space thing to put poor David Lopez through his artistic paces. It may contain a giant spacegoing water bear. There may be one or two awful jokes that Kel is working hard to remove right at this very moment."

Lastly, Ellis noted another comics project that's so early in the planning, it may not come together at all. "We are going to add PROJECT DUNWICH to the list. It is an intended periodical. It's in possibility space right now, and may go away. You never can tell. We will give it a go."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "Injection" and Ellis' other upcoming projects.

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