Warren Ellis Teases New Marvel Project

On his personal blog, Warren Ellis -- known for his work on books like "Nextwave" and "Planetary" -- announced that he had another Marvel Comics project in the works.

When a fan asked whether or not he'd like to take over "Daredevil" after Mark Waid's recent departure, Ellis responded, "I only select my Marvel projects from the properties Marvel offer me, so I don't really waste brain cycles thinking about what I'd like to do there. They come to me when they want me to work with them, and they make me offers from their available properties. (I've already selected and begun my Marvel project for this year, by the way.)"

Ellis offered no details on what this new project may be and Marvel declined to comment. However, it may be safe to say that it won't be "Daredevil," as he wrote, "To address the question as best I can, the thought experiment would go, am I likely to have a different take from Frank Miller or Brian Bendis that would be both interesting to me and of a similar level of interest to Marvel? In the case of DAREDEVIL, I think the answer is probably no, don't you?"

Ellis most recently wrapped his run of "Moon Knight" for the publisher.

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