Warren Ellis Shares Heartwarming Story About Clerks Director Kevin Smith

Renowned comics writer Warren Ellis revealed a touching story about Clerks director Kevin Smith and a sick fan.

In a post on his website, Ellis revealed a story he'd never told publically. "I don’t know Kevin Smith," Ellis wrote. "Never met him, spoke to him, or communicated with him. I was given to understand, many many many years ago, that he was a bit pissed off with an offhand comment I made in an interview one time. So that’s the context."

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According to Ellis, someone reached out trying to contact Smith for a hospitalized friend, who was a huge fan of Smith's work. Not knowing Smith, Ellis emailed former Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, who's friends with Smith and worked on him with Daredevil, to reach out to the Clerks director.

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Months later, Ellis received an email from the same guy. "Joe, who had no reason to read any email from me, saw the email and with huge kindness forwarded the email to Kevin Smith," Ellis wrote. "Kevin Smith has no reason to read an email with my name on it either... Kevin Smith stands up, makes some calls, gets on a plane, flies all the way across America and goes to the hospital and spends an entire day with the guy’s best friend."

Ellis was impressed by Smith's compassion for others and complimented him, saying, "I still don’t know Kevin Smith, and have never spoken to him, but here’s what I know about Kevin Smith. He stands the f*ck up."

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