Warren Ellis launches new mailing list, 'Machine Vision'

An email newsletter might seem old-fashioned in the era of social networking, but all it takes is someone with the right approach to show you how potent it can be. This week, writer Warren Ellis announced he is launching a new email newsletter titled Machine Vision to give people a look inside his head and his upcoming work. In recent years Ellis has scaled back his mainstream comics work in favor of creator-owned comics, prose novels, outside media projects and the occasional guest-stint on various books. With 2012 shaping up to be a big year for Ellis with his second prose novel Gun Machine coming out as well as the return of the comic series Fell, this new email newsletter looks to be leading the way.

Ellis has a long history of using online resources for promotion and direct interaction with readers. Originally intended to replace the need to attend conventions, Ellis' online efforts created the template for how comic creators handle themselves online. In addition to email newsletters, Ellis has hosted a number of active forums over the years and has written about comics and writing prolifically in a series of columns for The Pulse, Bleeding Cool, Art Bomb, Reuters, Wired and even CBR. Over the years, both Avatar Press and AiT/PlanetLar have collected a number of his musings on comics in several trade paperbacks that are highly recommended.

This new e-mail newselleter is underwritten by Ellis' prose publisher Mulholland Books, and can be signed up for at this link.

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