Warren Ellis Joins "Avengers Assemble" for "Inhumanity" Tie-In

Warren Ellis returns to monthly superhero comic books this December, joining Marvel's "Avengers Assemble" for a five-issue arc tying-in with the upcoming "Inhumanity" event, as first announced at Newsarama. Starting with "Avengers Assemble" #22.INH, Ellis will co-write the story with regular series writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, who's penning the first story of the arc, November's "Avengers Assemble" #21, solo.

Ellis is on board for issues #22-#25, and Newsarama states that Marvel will have an announcement in the near future regarding the status of the series beyond that point. DeConnick and Ellis have collaborated previously -- Ellis wrote a story in "Osborn" #1, a 2010-2011 miniseries by DeConnick and artist Emma Rios. That story featured Toxic Doxie, who's on tap to appear in "Avengers Assemble" #22.INH, an issue illustrated by Matteo Buffagni and with a cover by Jorge Molina.

While Ellis has largely strayed away from mainstream comics in recent years, next up for the high-profile writer at Marvel is the "Avengers: Endless Wartime" original graphic novel, illustrated by Mike McKone and scheduled for release in October.

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