Warren Ellis Explains Exclusivity with Marvel

During the Cup O' Joe panel at CCI Saturday, EIC Joe Quesada announced that Warren Ellis had signed an exclusive agreement with Marvel. Late Saturday, Ellis offered up an explanation of what this exclusive meant to subscribers of his Bad Signal mailing list.

"This is a work-for-hire-only exclusive: it means thatif I do company-owned work, I do it only for Marvel," Ellis explained to his readers. "It requires me to produce something like two scriptsa month from Marvel, which is actually a little less than I'm doing right now.

"As Joe Quesada himself reportedly hinted, it also introduces Icon, Marvel's boutique creator-owned line, into the frame as an opportunity.

"'Planetary' is exempt from the deal, as are two other small WFH jobs I'd begun at DC. And, to reiterate, it affects my creator-owned work not at all -- I'm free to continue generating new work in that field and placing it anywhere I like.

"All power to Dan Buckley for being really very flexible in putting this deal together with me. People like Dan Buckley and DC's Dan Didio(who I ran this by when this first came up, and was totally understanding and very cool) are making comics a much easier place to work in."

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