Warren Ellis Discusses "Global Frequency's" Pilot Commitment

Following the news that his series "Global Frequency" will be adapted to television by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, writer Warren Ellis discussed the development further in his most recent newsletter.

"My graphic novel 'Global Frequency' is set to be adapted for television again," wrote Ellis. "DC Entertainment bought the option and took it to Jerry Bruckheimer's house, where I've always had friends. Rockne S. O'Bannon is writing the adaptation for KristiAnn Reed and Jonathan Littman at Bruckheimer -- you may know him from FARSCAPE. The pilot has a production commitment at the Fox network, which means that FOX have to shoot a pilot or pay a financial penalty. To Bruckheimer, sadly, not to me."

"Global Frequency" is not the first DC series to receive a production commitment from Fox. "Gotham" received a series commitment from the network back in September 2013. While "Global Frequency" does not have a series commitment, it does have a one for a pilot, meaning if Fox decides not to produce a pilot based on the comic, it will have to pay a penalty to the producers involved -- specifically Bruckheimer, as Ellis noted.

Ellis' comments continue, including his belief that DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns is likely involved with "Global Frequency's" move towards making it to television.

"I had a long conversation with Rockne the other week, and have spoken to Geoff Johns, who I suspect was behind the whole caper, a few times during the process," Ellis wrote. "People have knee-jerk issues with Fox, but my dealings with them have always been decent and direct. One day I'll be able to tell you the full story of 'Global Frequency's' many lives in television over the years. Anyway. That's a thing that happened! I am told that I will likely have more tv-related news after the American Thanksgiving period."

The series, originally published by DC Comics' now-defunct Wildstorm imprint, is no stranger to television. In 2005, The WB produced a pilot that was not picked up to series, and it was reportedly in development at The CW in 2009 though no pilot or series ever materialized.

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