Warren Ellis Announces Apparat 2 Coming Late 2005

Warren Ellis today announced on his Web site a follow-up to his Apparat Comics line with just a logo and the words "In The Last Half of 2005."

This announcement comes following a January 17th note in his e-mail newsletter Bad Signal saying there would be no more Apparat comics to come.

"And to forestall any more email on the subject: no, there are no second issues of any of the Apparat books," Ellis said. "I thought you all understood that. The four books were it. William at Avatar has tried to get an Apparat 2 out of me, but I don't think I have it in me right now. I'm just happy I did it at all, at this point. I haven't seen the printed books yet, and feedback was light, but I'm glad they exist. No matter the source of their inspiration, they were original works, and original works are necessary."

For more on the Apparat line of comics here's our original story, an interview with the artists of Apparat and finally six page previews of "Simon Spector" and "Angel Stomp Future," both recently released.

Update 10:44 AM Pacific - Warren Ellis has confirmed for CBR News that Apparat 2 will be published once again with Avatar Press.

Update 11:30 AM Pacific - While Ellis is clearly just teasing the new line, he did offer one nugget of information asked about why the change in decision to do a second line of Apparat books. Ellis told CBR News Friday afternoon, "Let's just say I came up with a new way to do it, which may not be what people are expecting."

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