Warner Bros. Teases "Batman Unlimited" at Vegas Licensing Expo

Though Cartoon Network and DC Entertainment's last animated series to feature the Dark Knight lasted less than a season, a banner currently being displayed at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas indicates that Bruce Wayne may be set to return to television in the near future.

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While the CG-animated "Beware the Batman" was less popular than Warner Bros. had hoped it would be, an image surfaced on Reddit promoting "Batman Unlimited," featuring a new look for the Caped Crusader, is giving fans hope that another series is in the offing.

Of course, another possibility is that this is not a television series at all. The stylized Bat-symbol is one Mattel has been utilizing on its Batman packaging for some time now, along with releasing a line of action figures under the "Batman Unlimited" label, albeit with a logo based on the one currently used by DC Comics' "Batman" series. With that in mind, it's conceivable that this is an overall brand expansion for the character rather than a new foray into animation.

CBR News has reached out to DC entertainment and Warner Bros. for details; neither provided comment by press time.

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