Warner Bros. Snares Oni Press GN <i>Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge</i>

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the Oni Press graphic novel Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge, with Todd Strauss-Schulson of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas set to direct, Heat Vision reports. The movie will be a hybrid of live-action and CGI.

Created by Brendan Hay and Justin Wagner, Rascal Raccoon toys with the decades-old tropes of Looney Tunes in a tale set in Toonie Terrace, home of the fun-loving Toonies and their bitter rivals the Meanies. When, after countless attempts, Rascal Raccoon unexpectedly kills his arch-nemesis Jumpin’ Jackalope, his life begins to fall apart. So he soon turns his anger on a new target -- the animator who created him.

Eric Gitter will produce the adaptation through Oni's television and film banner Closed on Mondays, along with Stauss-Schulson’s partner Ken Franchi.

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