Warner Bros. Reportedly Seeks Ben Affleck For "Justice League"

Currently, director Zack Snyder's incoming "Man of Steel" relaunch of Superman is the only DC Comics film definitively on tap for Warner Bros. However, since earlier this summer, rumor has been that the studio plans to launch a "Justice League" movie based on the DC Universe's marquee superteam -- featuring heavy hitters from Superman and Batman to Green Lantern and Wonder Woman -- to compete with Marvel's blockbuster "The Avengers."

Today, that prospect took an interesting turn as Variety reports actor/director Ben Affleck tops the studio's list of potential helmers for the "Justice League" project. The already bankable star has been on a widely praised run behind the camera in recent years making hits out of "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town," and he's soon to open "Argo" -- a spy story inspired by true events that features unlikely side player Jack Kirby.

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. had a script for "Justice League" drafted by "Gangster Squad" scribe Will Beall - a story that would set aside work done for the aborted 2008 attempt at a film for the team.

Variety notes that Affleck is only looking to direct projects he can also co-star in, which raises fan questions over which cape he might don from the Justice League's core roster. It's widely assumed that if the picture goes forward, current DC hero actors like Superman Henry Cavill and Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds (perhaps in favor of a GL sequel) will reprise their roles. Though with Christopher Nolan's final word on "The Dark Knight Rises," Batman himself may be up in the air.

The trade notes that the earliest launch date for a "Justice League" film would be 2015, putting it up against Marvel's "The Avengers 2," which just yesterday signed Joss Whedon for a return engagement. Earlier reports assumed a much faster start date as Warner has no DC movies on tap for 2013, though the particulars on this may have to wait until Affleck accepts or rejects the supposed offer.

For more on the story, see Variety, and stay tuned for all things "Justice League" here on CBR.

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