Warner Bros Producer's Role Shifts in Response to "Batman v Superman"

The fallout continues from "Batman v Superman" as a new report indicates that longtime producer Charles Roven -- who has worked on every DC Comics-based movie at Warner Bros. since 2005's "Batman Begins" -- will no longer oversee the studio's comic book adaptations, as producer.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, talks are reportedly underway to "...segue [Roven] to a different role going forward, likely that of an executive producer who is not involved in day-to-day production."

They add, "...he potentially could continue to be a producer on some sequels to the movies he's currently producing," such as "Suicide Squad," "Wonder Woman," and "Justice League." Roven was previously listed as a producer on "The Flash" and "Aquaman," but will no longer be working on those films in such a capacity.

THR suggests that Roven's move comes in direct response to the lukewarm financial and critical response to "Batman v Superman," which Roven also produced. The veteran producer was reportedly part of, with Zack Snyder, the "unofficial brain trust" for the DC film adaptations.

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The site notes another reason for the move: "Warner Bros. wants to ramp up the number of DC productions, and sources say it would be physically impossible for one man to handle pre-, post- and production on multiple movies in locations ranging from Australia to Los Angeles to Louisiana to London."

The Roven news follows the report that Jon Berg and Geoff Johns would be taking over as heads of DC Films -- also in response to "Batman v Superman."

The next DC Comics movie adaptation, "Suicide Squad," hits theaters on August 5.

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