Warner Bros. Plans Ninjago Movie

Warner Bros. isn't finished playing with LEGO.

With eight months to go before The LEGO Movie arrives in theaters, the studio is already building another LEGO feature film, based on the Ninjago toy line. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan and Kevin Hageman are writing the Ninjago script, having already received a story-by credit on The LEGO Movie. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the men behind the lens on The LEGO Movie, will also produce Ninjago, but won't direct the feature.

Ninjago was previously adapted as a Cartoon Network series by the Hageman brothers, focusing on the red ninja of fire Kai. The feature film adaptation will deviate from the TV series.

Ninjago does not yet have a release date. The LEGO Movie hits theaters on Feb. 7, 2014, featuring the voices of Chris Pratt and Will Arnett, among others. The awesome trailer can be seen below.

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