Warner Bros. Knows If Affleck Is Still Batman - So Why Won't The Studio Tell Us?

For over a year and a half, Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck have engaged in a bat-and-mouse game centered around the constant questioning regarding the actor's status as Batman. It's all been self-made, really, as both parties can't seem to sing from the same hymn book, contradicting or dodging each other at every turn. It's frustrating for the fans, who just want a definitive answer and to move on from the drama and toward the first solo Bat-film in years.

After Justice League, the general consensus was that Affleck was gone, that Matt Reeves' The Batman would feature a younger actor as the Dark Knight. Yet, here we are, with the latest news from Reeves being that he's still in conversation with Affleck about the film. But is it as an actor? Affleck is still reported to be a producer on the film, so it could be the discussions are in that capacity alone, but really, who's to say? What in the world is actually happening?

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The only people who truly know are Affleck, his reps, Reeves and, most importantly, Warner Bros. Considering the fallout from Justice League, it's understandable why they'd choose to keep quiet for at least a while, but it's a new era, now. The Worlds of DC have replaced the DCEU, and there's a genuine sense of fan excitement about the future of DC Films. As such, it's time to be up front and put all the rumors to bed.

There's simply no way that anyone involved in The Batman is unsure about Affleck's status. While he's reported to have one more movie as the Dark Knight in his contract, we all know that a good lawyer can get you out of anything, and he has other projects planned. With the future of the Worlds of DC mapped out for the next few years, rest assured that discussions have been had and concluded over his availability. Regardless of what scoopers claim from their sources who are second cousins of the mothers of the janitors of the studio, Affleck's fate has been decided, and it likely happened a long time ago.

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