It’s Time for Warner Bros. to Release Snyder's Justice League Cut

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By now, the troubled saga of the production of the Justice League movie is one that you likely know all too well. Following the mixed-to-negative reception of Batman v. Superman, Warner Bros. shifted gears mid-production of the DCEU's first true ensemble film. Following the departure of original director Zack Snyder, Joss Whedon was brought in to re-shoot parts of the film in order to make it a more lighthearted affair. But the fan reception to Justice League was ultimately disappointing. Many fans decried Warner Bros.' interference in the film's production, believing the clash of filmmaking styles between Whedon's and Snyder's resulted to a less-than-stellar final product.

For that reason, almost as soon as Justice League hit theaters last November, fans began to demand that the studio release an Whedon-free cut of Snyder's film, one without the studio interference and re-shoots. Although the existence of such a cut was deemed a myth for a good while, it was recently confirmed that the Snyder cut does, indeed, exist. Now, there is only one sensible thing left for Warner Bros. to do: give the fans what they want, and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

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It was long reported that Joss Whedon was brought on-board the production of the superhero team-up film because Warner Bros. executives were unhappy with the bleak direction of Zack Snyder's cut. However, at every turn, fans were told that no such version of the film actually existed. Now perhaps the studio meant that a fully-polished version, one with final visual effects and music, didn't exist, but we now know that all of the principal photography had been completed, and more, Snyder had reached the editing process of the film. At this point, this is the cut that all fans disappointed with Justice League want to see -- nay, the one they deserve to see.

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It's been more than six months since Justice League was released in theaters, and Snyder's fans remain passionate as ever about his cut seeing the light of day. Snyder himself has been engaging with his fans on social media platform Vero, giving them tidbits and hints at what his movie would have delivered, and it's fueling the demand. By all accounts, the director's cut holds the promise of being better than the finished product, and fans of the DC Extended Universe deserve to have their dedication and patience rewarded.

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