Warner Bros. Digital Division Announces "Static Shock" Live-Action Project

Multiple news outlets including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter report that Warner Bros. has announced Blue Ribbon Content as the official name of its short-form digital division, as well as revealed new projects set for the digital entertainment realm -- including a live-action "Static Shock" project from Reginald Hudlin. Details on the project are incredibly sparse, though THR noted that the series would be based on the "Static" comic, originally written in 1993 by Dwayne McDuffie and Robert L. Washington with art by John Paul Leon as part of DC's Milestone imprint.

Blue Ribbon Content also has a "virtual-reality experience" based on "Batman: The Animated Series" in the pipeline, as well as an untitled "Mortal Kombat" series that ties into the upcoming "Mortal Kombat X" video game. Previously announced projects from the newly-named division include "Justice League: Gods and Monsters" (set to air on Machinima in 2015) and the current "Veronica Mars" spinoff series "Play It Again, Dick" (airing on CW Seed).

Readers are likely familiar with the more modern version of "Static Shock," popularized through the animated series of the same name, which ran for four seasons. Each incarnation of the story focused on teenager Virgil Hawkins, who gained a variety of electromagnetic powers after an event called the Big Bang. The event also created a number of other "Bang Babies" who gained metahuman powers as a result of the event.

"Static Shock" was also one of the launch titles of the New 52, but was cancelled after its eighth issue in April 2012.

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