From the Ashes of the DCEU Comes... Worlds of DC?

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The DC Extended Universe of films has finally been given a proper name: The Worlds of DC.

The announcement came during Warner Bros.’ Hall H panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, when the DC Films segment was introduced with a banner reading, “Welcome to the Worlds of DC.” This move signifies the unofficial name, the DC Extended Universe, can finally be retired.

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It should, of course, be noted that Warner Bros. has not officially announced that the shared film universe is now Worlds of DC, but several attendees displayed the new banner on Twitter during the panel.

The name “Worlds of DC” certainly sounds like a cinematic multiverse, rather than a single shared universe, which, given the multiple, drastically different Joker movies on the horizon, would certainly make more sense, given what we know about the other DC films currently in production. A shared multiverse would allow for, among other things, Michael Bay’s in-development Lobo movie to do whatever it wants to, free from the constraints of in-universe continuity and able to go for a hard-R rating.

DC and Warner Bros.’ Aquaman is set for a December 21 release, with Shazam! debuting on April 5, 2019. Wonder Woman 1984 is due November 1, 2019.

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