Warner Bros. Needs to Cast Jensen Ackles As Red Hood Already

The saying goes that when one door closes, another opens, and with the upcoming changes to the CW lineup, there seems to be no better time for a transition than now. The long running hit show Supernatural is set to conclude the series with its 15th season, while Arrow, which is of course responsible for establishing the Arrowverse that made CW the top contender for superheroes on TV, will soon conclude with its 8th. The tipping point leaves fans wondering what may come next and excited about all of the possibilities.

Fans' mouths watered all the more recently when Supernatural lead Jensen Ackles COSPLAYED as DC character, The Red Hood. This now marks the second time that the actor donned the crimson cowl for fun, and it's clear he holds a deep fondness for the character. Ackles even voiced him in the animated direct-to-video feature Batman: Under the Red Hood, which further begs the question whether this indicates an exciting possibility on the horizon.

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Red Hood solo show could be the perfect fit to fill the void Supernatural and Arrow will leave. Similar to where Oliver Queen's character started in Arrow, the Red Hood is a highly-trained vigilante who metes out lethal justice amidst an urban landscape. Often his struggles result from the morality of his action and the conflict it creates with his supporting cast.

Of course, fans of the comics will know that the Red Hood was not always an antihero vigilante unconcerned with the lives of his targets. While the mantle comes from a longer and convoluted line of Batman villainy, the character most iconic in filling the role in the modern day is Jason Todd. Trained as Batman's protege after the original, Dick Grayson, left the yellow cape and green booties behind, Todd proved a controversial figure from the start.

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After severe pressure from fans, DC put Todd's fate to a vote by the readers and the results sealed his fate. Famously, the Joker brutally murdered Todd with a crowbar (and an exploding building, for good measure) and for years the second Robin's death weighed heavily on Batman's conscience. Eventually Todd returned and took on his new, more hard-lined disposition, donning the Red Hood and motivated by his previous death as proof that Batman should have killed Joker years ago.

Much of the story unfolded in the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood and Ackles proved himself more than capable at the role. Similar to his character in Supernatural there is a grim humor in the character that allows for a wider range of both comedy and tragedy. With his acting chops and the photos speaking for themselves, it's clear that Ackles would be a perfect fit. And there's no doubt that he has the CW fanbase already clamoring for the possibility.

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Of course, the CW would not need to be the only stage for the Red Hood to debut in live action. The possibilities of a guest spot on another show or a solo feature film remain on the table. Particularly with the fate of the DCEU seemingly up in the air, it seems like a time where anything is possible, and with Batman taking center stage in so many major motion pictures at this point, and Robin constantly cut out of the storyline or given his own, like in Titans, this could make up for lost time.

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Batman has always had a phenomenal supporting cast and general audiences get to see so little of them. Focusing on the Bat Family rather than the Batman himself could be the best way to avoid Bat-fatigue while still scratching that Bat-itch. The Red Hood hits just the right note for what DC live-action needs right now, and Ackles is a natural fit for the role.

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