Warlord of Mars Vol. 2 TP

John Carter returns to Mars in triumph and glory, to live happily ever after with his beloved princess and the son he has never known. That was the plan, anyway. Carter's second arrival on the Red Planet lands him in the middle of a weird, monster-infested forest. Before he can figure out where he is, he's going to have to do what he does best - kick a little ass. Actually, more than a little! Soon enough, his long-time ally Tars Tarkas is fighting by his side. The two warriors make a horrific discovery that will shake Martian society to its very core. But will anyone believe them? The second installment of Dynamite's hit series Warlord of Mars is power-packed with enough murder, mystery, mayhem and suspense for two planets. You don't want to miss it!


• Issues 10-18 of the hit series written by Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Stephen Sadowski and Edgar Salazar.

• All of the series covers by Joe Jusko, Lucio Parrillo and Stephen Sadowski.

"I like where this is going. And more specifically, I like where it could go. I'm a big fan of storytelling potential in comics, and I can see much of it here." - The Fellowship of the Geeks

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