Warlord of Mars: Fall of Barsoom TPB

Barsoom is a dying world: its once mighty oceans are receding and its atmosphere grows more tenuous by the day. The Orovars, who have dominated for a million years, are on the verge of extinction at the hands of the Green Hordes and the emerging Red Martians. Two Orovars -- a Scientist and a General -- race against time to save their people before Mars plunges into barbarism

Collection Features:

• All 5 issues of the acclaimed mini-series by Robert Place Napton and Roberto Castro

• All of the covers by Joe Jusko and Francesco Francavilla

• And More

"100,000 years before John Carter set foot on Mars, Dynamite told a story about the fall of Barsoom. It is totally cool. Pick it up!" -- Weekly Comic Book Review

"Napton has created a masterpiece for those familiar with John Carter!" -- Broken Frontier

"All in all, this was a very fun book!" -- Geeks of Doom

Adventures of the Super Sons #5

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