'Warcraft' Opens With Record $46 Million in China

"Warcraft" opened Wednesday in China with $46 million, setting a new record in that country for a non-weekend premiere. The previous record holder was Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," which debuted last year with $28.3 million.

According to Variety, analysts predict the Duncan Jones fantasy-adventure could rake in as much as $150 million in its first five days of release in China.

That's of course good news for Legendary Pictures, particularly because the adaptation of the blockbuster video game series from Blizzard Entertainment is expected to receive a much cooler reception when it opens Friday in North America.

Reviews haven't exactly been glowing ("Warcraft" is at 24 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), and it's expected to pull in about $25 million on Friday, on its way to a $45 million opening weekend. Those aren't the kinds of figures a studio hopes for after shelling out a reported $160 million on production alone.

Thanks to that boost from China, "Warcraft" has grossed $121 million overseas, where it's been playing for three weeks in some markets.

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