Warcraft, Diablo Creator Joins "Digital Webbing Presents" #16

Official Press Release

HAVERHILL, MA, July 6, 2004 - Blizzard Entertainment VP Chris Metzen makes his comic debut in DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #16, the groundbreaking collaborative anthology. After leading development of Blizzard's signature games Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft, Metzen brings his "Soldier: 76" to the pages of DWP.

"The story is about a weathered American soldier returning home after many years to find his homeland fractured by the second American Civil War," explains Metzen. "Ultimately, he must make peace with the ghosts of his past before he chooses sides and restores the American Dream."

The story is illustrated by Greg Scott (SWORD OF DRACULA, GOTHAM CENTRAL). Metzen has nothing but praise for the popular artist: "Greg's style's so cinematic and gritty - it really helped me to conceptualize the story. Greg's natural aversion to capes and spandex really fit with the setting I'm trying to build and gives the piece a certain authenticity."

In addition, Michael Colbert and James Woodward bring the fully-painted "Crazy Mary" to DWP #16. "I knew I wanted to illustrate it the minute I read the script," explains artist Woodward. "It deals with the subjective nature of reality, which allowed me to do some stylistic and surreal panels."

"Crazy Mary is about a mercenary who's had genetic and cybernetic enhancements done by the government. Unfortunately, she's developed visions (or hallucinations depending on your perspective) - that's how she got the name Crazy Mary," Woodward continues.

A. David Lewis (MORTAL COILS) raves about "Crazy Mary": "'Crazy Mary' is both brilliantly disturbing and disturbingly brilliant. Push past the traditional, tired girl-with-guns stereotype -- break through to a world of lost teddy bears, leeching brain-squid, and a miraculous woman there to save the day while reveling in the chaos of it all. You'd have to be insane to ignore Crazy Mary."

Colbert will be doing mid-July signings in Los Angeles area at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose Ave., Things from Another World at Universal Citywalk, and Toy Mandala on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

Also featured in DWP #16 is "Bliss" by Chad Lambert and Amanda Morley. "Bliss is the examination of the final seconds before death. As a tormented soul ends his life, he's hoping for his final seconds to be peaceful," writer Lambert elaborates. "Love & Paramnesia" by Troy Wall and Steve Morris offers an unlikely romance tale.

"Just Another Wednesday" by Ev Jameson and Justin Peterson and "Spook'd" by Jeffery Stevenson and Comic Book Idol finalist Seth Damoose round out the issue.

This issue also features DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS' first painted cover, featuring Crazy Mary, courtesy of James Woodward.

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #16 (32 pages, full color cover, b/w interiors, $2.95 US, $3.75 CAN) will be on sale July 14th.

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