'Warcraft' Character Details, Teaser Posters Revealed

There's still over a full calendar year until Warcraft -- the big screen adaption of the MMORPG World of Warcraft -- hits screens, but details about the Duncan Jones-directed film were revealed Friday at BlizzCon -- the convention held by Blizzard Entertainment, producers of WoW.

Jones (Moon, Source Code) was on hand for the event that revealed which cast members would be fighting for the Horde and which would be siding with the Alliance. Aside from Ben Foster's Medivh -- "a mysterious, reclusive protector with formidable power" on the Alliance -- details about the rest of the cast have been shrouded in mystery. The cast also includes Toby Kebbell (The Fantastic Four), Paula Patton (Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol, 2 Guns) and Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark from Captain America).

Legendary Pictures' Twitter account announced which side each cast-member would be fighting for during Friday's BlizzCon panel:

"For the Alliance, Travis Fimmel plays warrior Anduin Lothar, a hero who has sacrificed everything.

For the Horde, Chieftain and defender of the Frostwolf Clan, Durotan is played by Toby Kebbell.

For the Horde, Daniel Wu is Gul'dan, supreme Orc ruler fueled by a dark magic that even he cannot control.

For the Alliance, Ruth Negga is Lady Taria, Queen of Stormwind at King Llane's side. His great love and most trusted counsel.

For the Horde, Clancy Brown plays Blackhand "The Destroyer", one of the most feared and titanic warchiefs among the Orcs.

Garona, played by Paula Patton, a strong-willed survivor who must decide where true loyalty lies.

For the Alliance, Dominic Cooper, plays King Llane Wrynn, beacon of hope to the city of Stormwind during a time of darkness.

For the Alliance, Khadgar, played by Ben Schnetzer, a gifted young mage on a daring search for the truth.

For the Horde, Robert Kazinsky is Orgrim, destined to wield the Doomhammer, heroic Orc weapon, as the right hand of Durotan."

Two teaser posters were also released, as well as sites asking fans to pick a side in the Azeroth war: Fight for the Horde and Fight for the Alliance.

Warcraft is out March 11, 2016.

(via /Film)

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